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Write Answer-Divide

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Simply write the answer to the division problem using your finger or stylus and press the next button. This app recognizes your handwriting and tells if your answer is correct or wrong! Mimics real life math problems in a classroom setting which use paper and pencil! Please use standard D'Nealian style writing while tracing your answer on your device touchscreen. The app will recognize your input and give you feedback if it is correct or not! Do write neatly and leave space between numbers. Don't let two numbers overlap. Division problems up to 3 digits. Change settings using menu to increase/decrease complexity of questions. Perfect tool to keep your mind sharp or to help your young student excel in Mathematics and get a head start. Speed math, division problems. Helps improve handwriting, hand eye coordination and mimics real life paper and pencil experience. Actual recognition of your handwriting! Common Core math practice for your elementary school student. Practice for your child's classroom Rocket Math Multiplication. This app or the makers of this software are not associated with Rocket Math in any way. Rocket Math is a registered trade mark of R&D Instructional Solutions. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.